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The PeeWee level is the first level at which checking (physically attempting to interrupt the progress of the puck down the ice by bumping the skater in possession) is permitted. As a result, speed and size are major factors in successful play. Although many players look forward to checking, the nature of growth patterns can cause a very large disparity in the players' sizes. Legal and appropriate methods of checking, and the preparation for being checked, will be taught by the coaches. At this level, all players are assumed to be relatively skilled in the basics of skating, understand team concepts, and know the rules of the game.

The PeeWee Blue, White, and Green teams' GSL placement will be posted shortly. All teams will complement GSL play with games against other New Hampshire and Vermont teams. Each team is planned for two practices per week and generally will have games on both Saturday and Sunday. These teams typically play in the GSL season ending tournament if they qualify.