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Tryouts at the Squirt level will determine whether a player will be assigned to the Green, White or Blue team. In general, it is expected that players registering at the Squirt level will have been introduced to hockey via at least the Learn-to-Play program and will have experienced competitive play at the House level. However, it is possible for a novice skater to begin playing at the Squirt level and make rapid progress, and the Squirt Blue team is appropriate for a beginning hockey player.

The Squirt Blue team will focus on continued development of basic individual hockey skills utilizing numerous drills and scrimmaging. Rules and simple team concepts are also introduced. This team plays a GSL schedule made up of games against teams of comparable skill. Travel on this team is sometimes more limited than the GSL teams.

The Squirt Green and White teams practice twice per week and generally will have games on both Saturday and Sunday. They will complement league play with games against non-league opponents in New Hampshire and Vermont. This team typically plays in the GSL season ending tournament if they qualify.

The Squirt White team can be expected to incorporate more complex individual skills and team concepts. Players at this level are expected to have a sound understanding of the rules of the game and will begin developing a deeper appreciation of team play. The Squirt White team has been declared at GSL Level 3.

The Squirt Green team will emphasize refinement of individual skills and the ability to execute at high speed and under more competitive situations. Team play will be further developed by emphasizing positioning and introducing more complex team situations.