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2015-2016 Board of Directors and Committees 

President- Kip Oberting (2016)      603-717-2872
Vice President- Rob Seelig (2017)     603-795-2001
Secretary - Becky French (2016)      802-649-5427
Treasurer - Mike Wagner (2015)    603-727-8980
Ass't Treasurer- Pat Fox (tba)       415-599-9089

Registrar- Ali Ashare (2017)      603-286-0133
Girls Program Director- Dan French (2018)    603-381-5428
Head Scheduler- Dwight Sperry (2017)     603-729-6030
Parent Rep Coordinator- Elizabeth Dann (2018)       603-398-0313
Coaching Coordinator- Clayton Simmers (2016)     603-286-0219
Operations Committee Chair- John Murphy (2016)       603-843-7539
Tryout Committee ChairJohn Murphy (2016)      603-843-7539
GSL Delegate- Elisabeth Curtis (2018)     603-277-9348
Initiation Programs Chair- Adrienne Peraza (2018)     603-643-5106

At Large
Judy Oberting (2017)        603-359-4495
Rob Hawthorne (2017)    603-643-2420

Non-Voting Positions
Webmaster- Dwight Sperry  
Tournament Director- Dan French 
Coach and Player Development- Judy Oberting 

Additional Non-Board Committees/Staff Members (2014-2015 Season) 

Initiation Programs
Adrienne Peraza, Chair; Dan French, Dan Peraza, John Souther, Joe DiSimone

​Girls Program
Dan French, Chair; 
Dwight Sperry, Elizabeth Dann, Mike Cimis, Elizabeth Curtis 

Tournament Committee
Dan French, Chair

Outreach Committee
Becky French, Chair; Dan French 

House Committee (Sqt/PW)

​Tryout Committee
John Murphy, Chair

Dwight Sperry, Chair; Dan French, Rob Hawthorne, Tim Gardner 

Finance Committee
Chair, TBA; Kip Oberting, Rob Seelig 

Nominating Committee
Rob Seelig, Chair 

Operations Committee
John Murphy, Chair;