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Hockey Equipment for Learn To Play Wild skaters

Hockey gear is sometimes a big question for new parents.   Following is a list of required equipment for participation in HHA Learn To Play and Wild Mite programs:

Hockey helmet & Cage
Hockey skates (figure skates are not permitted)
Elbow pads, shin guards, and shoulder pads
Hockey gloves
Hockey pants
Hockey socks (or sweat pants are fine)
Athletic supporter with cup for the boys
Hockey stick -Straight blade is best for new players
Stick should be cut so it is NO higher than the player's nose when wearing shoes.  Tape blade and put a small knob at the top of the shaft.   Coaches are happy to help on the first day.  
When players get ready to move to a CURVED blade, please note that GENERALLY you want the dominant hand on the TOP of the stick.  So....a child who is Right-Handed would use a stick that has a Left curve.  The TOP hand is the CONTROL hand.  The reason it is called a LEFT curve is because when in the Hockey Position, the blade of the stick is ot the left SIDE of the player.  

Please put your child’s name on all of their gear, including hockey sticks.  

Stateline Sports in West Lebanon is a local source for new hockey gear.  They offer “learn to play” equipment packages that are an easy way to get the equipment needed.  Also, many families in the area have (lightly) used gear that their children have outgrown so take advantage of your time at the rink to network with other hockey families.

Call the LTPW coordinator

Initiation Programs Coordinator
Learn To Play Wild and Wild Mites
Adrienne Peraza  adrienne.peraza@gmail.com​​

Learn To Play Wild Head Coach
Dan Peraza