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RBK 29" Goalie Pads
by Gail Slider on 10/16/2017


RBK 29"

Good used condition.

Plenty of life left my son out grew them.



Bauer Goalie Skates size 3
by Gail Slider on 10/16/2017


Bauer goalie skates, size 3.

Vaughn Epic Goalie Chest Protector
by Gail Slider on 10/16/2017

Size Junior Small

Vaughn Epic goalie chest protector. EUC. Size junior small.  $50

Reebok Goalie Skates
by Gail Slider on 10/16/2017

size 3D

Reebok 3k hockey goalie skates size 3D.  $20

Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro+ Skates - Senior Size 10D
by Gail Slider on 10/16/2017

Senior size 10D

Gently used - retail $500

  • Based on Bauer Supreme S180 but with key upgrades
  • 3-D lasted Titanium Curv® composite with Total Edge Comfort
  • TUUK Lightspeed Edge holder with LS3 runners
  • Supreme's close, anatomical fit in the ankle and heel maximizes stride power and speed
  • Upgraded with LS3 Steel, S190 tongue, Comfort Edge liner


$300 OBRO

For Sale, Bauer Vapor X800 Grip JR-50 Left Shot P88 "Kane&q
by David W Mullins on 10/13/2017

For Sale, new Bauer Vapor X800 Left Shot Stick

  • new condition, uncut, never taped or played
  • P88, Kane Model
  • selling for $70 $60
  • email for more pics
  • Pick up in Norwich or arrange to meet at Campion

24" Reebok Goale Pads For Sale
by Jackson Liu on 10/12/2017

24” Junior Reebok goalie pads

Like new, only a few puck scuff marks, all straps and buckles are in perfect condition 

Also come with toe bungees, they go around the skate, and are a lot easier to put on than the normal skate lace that you tie around the skate. 


Junior Goalie Pads - Reebok 26+1"
by Jackson Liu on 10/11/2017

Reebok 26+1" Junior Leg Pads

Great Condition, no rips or tears to the pads- one strap is torn, but a sufficient substitute is in place, and works well. 

Will fit a goalie about 4'8" to 5'2"

Comes with toe bungees, they are elastic straps that go around the skate, they cut down on time to put on gear, and also make it a lot easier to put on the pads.



by Dan Moran on 10/10/2017

Reebok 14K Senior Flexcore 33+1 Goalie Pads.

Fits a goalie about 5' 5" - 5' 8".

Purchased new and used two seasons by my daughter on U12/U14. 

Great condition with minimal wear. All straps intact. Great butterfly coverage of your 5 hole.

The Reebok 14K leg pad is a fantastic option for the beginner or intermediate goalie.  The pads feature the same graphics and flat faced design of the Premier 4 leg pads, but the feature softer knee to help the pad move with the goalie's leg more easily.  Additionally, the internal pad foam mold has a softer "FLEXCORE" boot break built in, which is great for goalies who want more flex in the ankle.

The knee lock has been modified in the 14K to include Reebok's new "MAXCOVERAGE" design.  On the inside of the knee, this design features a wider, thicker knee raiser which provides a more stable landing platform while going into the butterfly, as well as an additional blocking surface when going into your knees together/ankles together "Giggy-fly" when blocking five hole shots.  On the outside of the knee, the outermost knee cradle flap has been significantly shortened, and a new, additional knee lock strap postion at the top of the outside calf flap can create an extremely wide, extremely loose fitting knee setup.  By opening up the knee, the pad is allowed to slide towards the inside of the goalies leg, which presents a smaller five hole to the shooter.  Goalies who like a traditional set up can also attach the knee lock strap to the outer knee lock flap, which holds the knee more tightly to the pad.

On the inside edge of the pad, the calf position has been moved forward and includes a 1/2" HD foam "SOLIDSEAL"  pad to provide a more stable butterfly platform, as well as an additional blocking surface on the ice.  At the knee, the traditional straps that run outside and over the top of the knee raisers have now been run through channels in the knee raiser itself.  By moving the strap position, the straps are kept from pulling the thigh rise up off of the ice when going into the butterfly.  Combined with the SOLIDSEAL calf wrap, both of these features give the pad a complete seal to the ice in the butterfly.

• Double break outer roll for increased flexibility
• Open leg channel with calf wraps
• Full leather adjustable leg straps
• A new softer boot option for goalies wanting more flex at the ankle

by Dan Moran on 10/10/2017


Purchased brand new and used two seasons by my daughter on U12/U14.

Great shape.


New for 2014, the Supreme ONE.7 features several of the same great design and performance characteristics that you'll find the Supreme TOTALONE NXG goal skate,

The boot has a shorter cut on the lateral side that relieves pressure on the outside edge and allows for a deeper stance, the inside edge is cut approximately 1/2" taller to maintain protection and support. This asymmetric design specifically enhances the goalies ability to move around the crease. Additionally, the skate tongue is actually taller on the inside edge to keep it from twisting, and it is made using pro felt to help prevent lace bite.

The ankle area of the boot interior is made with softer foams to provide extreme comfort the sole of the boot is lined with a comfort foam to keep the feet comfortable no matter how long the game or practice goes.

The new cowling uses a 4mm stainless steel runner which is removable and replaceable. 

3D anaformable ultra light weight nylon boot
Asymmetric goalie specific boot design
Pro felt tongue
Comfort foam under footbed
4mm stainless steel removable runner

For Sale: CCM U + 04 Shoulder Pads, Youth Lg
by Ana Edson on 10/6/2017

$8, CCM U + 04 Shoulder Pads - Youth Lg

For Sale: CCM U + 04 Shoulder Pads, Youth Large

Shoulder/chest pad features:

  • Brushed nylon comfort liner 
  • Comfort cut neck opening
  • Asymmetrical bicep pads

Shoulder/chest pads in very good condition. Selling for $8. Pick up in Hanover, though we can also try to accomodate delivery to Campion Rink. 

Click on my name (above), to send me an e-mail.

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by Ana Edson on 10/3/2017

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